ARSloaner Implements a Toll and Fine Recovery System

ARS allows dealers to recover fines and tolls incurred by their customers.

March 15, 2019 – LLC (ARS) - to help our clients recover fines and tolls incurred by customers driving loaners, ARS has developed a new module. The new module allows dealers to charge customers both while they are driving a loaner and after it is returned. As most dealers know many tolls and fines come in after return. With the new recovery module dealers can securely hold a credit card and charge it at a later date should tolls or fines be sent to the dealership.

“We hear on a daily basis that dealers often get stuck paying toll violations and parking fines on customer driven loaners.” said Laura Tierney, ARS National Sales Manager. “We worked on several solutions, but determined the best way to address the issue was to securely store a customer credit card and have the ability to charge that card even after the vehicle has been returned." The ARS designed solution allows the dealership to charge tolls and fines both pre and post-return. This helps ensure that your fleet is as profitable as possible.

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